Give And Receive Value

Many people today don’t realize that you and I give value for value we receive in return. MONEY is stored value, which makes a fair exchange of value easier. That’s all money is. Don’t get wrapped up in other people’s confusing ideas about money.

Money is simply stored value. There are other ways to give and receive value. Money is more convenient.

When I go to the dentist to get a root canal I don’t bring two sheep with me to give him in exchange. It’s much more convenient to give him money or a check or credit card or a new technology which represents money.

If he and I had an agreement beforehand I could give him work for his work. Perhaps he needs some work done on his website or he wants me to teach him how to play poker or he wants me to show up with a few more Christmas carolers to sing outside his home on Christmas Eve.

Whatever he sees value in will work for the exchange AND, money is still more convenient. Please remember to keep in mind that MONEY is simply STORED VALUE. Money is one way of conveniently exchanging value for the value you receive.

Tsu gives us value for doing what we already do. I use Twitter, Facebook AND Tsu. But for now, most of my posts start with Tsu. I send a post through Tsu and sometimes I click the buttons to send it through Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Convenient AND Tsu pays me. Not a lot. Not yet. (I’ll share some data later in this post.)

When you comment on my post on Tsu you are giving me (and Tsu!) value. Take this one, for example:
Thank You For Being A Friend

[If you are not signed up with Tsu, you may need to enroll through a link to view this. Here is my wife’s –]

Did you know that when you comment on my post you are creating value not just for me and Tsu, but for you as well?

Here’s one way that we receive value when we comment. Someone sees the comment and they choose to visit your profile and follow you or friend you or like or comment on something you’ve posted or re-posted.

Do you think you are creating more value by commenting or by liking? Hopefully, you said commenting.

Commenting is more visible and therefore, less likely to be OVERLOOKED. Many people are busy. Do you think it’s easier to see a comment or a like?

If it’s easier to see then don’t you think it will be more likely that someone will respond to it? Does that make sense?

What if the comment is only the word “Like”.

There’s nothing wrong with that once in a while, but if that’s the only way you comment what do you think will happen?

I believe that if someone always comments the same way they will see others do the same to them OR people will start ignoring them.

Is that what you would do?

This gets back to value. If you expect someone to comment, is it fair that you ONLY give likes?

Aren’t you expecting someone to give you MORE value in return for the value you are giving?

Is that a FAIR value exchange?

Think about it.


Last week my Tsu numbers looked like this:

60 Friends
1928 Views On My Posts
85 Likes On My Posts
14 Comments On My Posts

I Have 6 “Children”
Those 6 Have Zero “Children”

Total 6 Children (Including Their Children/Generations)

$0.09 (9 Cents)

This week’s Tsu numbers:

427 Friends

8 Children
7 Children of Children

Total 15 Children (Including Their Children/Generations)


I predicted that at most I would make 27 cents this week. Instead, I made $1.41. That’s very encouraging.

Hang in there. This takes work. This takes creating value for people by commenting and by friending!

As you can see I added over 360 friends last week. There’s a lesson in that activity.

Go forth and do likewise!

(Here are some ways to create value.)
11614 059

110814 027

111014 011

111014 009

111214 003


Tsu Lessons

Now that I’m used to creating content and interacting on Tsu every day I have learned a couple things and I’ll continue to share more lessons in the future.

1) Never post about how Tsu won’t let you comment because you’ve maxed out for this particular rolling 24 hour period. I did that today and it may have been a coincidence, but not long after I made that announcement I found that no one was commenting. Maybe it was just because it was Saturday morning or maybe there are just some things we don’t want to share on Tsu!

Visit here to see what I said when Tsu gave me back the ability to comment:

If you haven’t joined Tsu yet, you may need to before you can view it.

Use my wife’s link – or mine – to join right now!

2) You may find that some activities are more efficient, but not more effective. You may want to comment on a few posts by someone else, but don’t go overboard if you are trying to maximize how you use your time. This morning I decided to comment on 30 or 40 posts by one woman and it was very easy to simply scroll down to the next post time after time.

Did she do the same for me? No. She might have commented once and liked one or two posts. If I had spread out my comments over the next 10 or 12 days, maybe she would have returned the favor most of those days. We’ll see how that turns out but I don’t expect those chickens to hatch, so I won’t count those eggs!

Lastly, my account increased from 42 cents to 75 cents today and I didn’t really expect that. After such a good increase yesterday my account still increased over 78% in value today. So far 33 cents is the high for one day and I think tomorrow will be lower, but I’ve been wrong before. One thing I DO expect is that tomorrow there will be more than 75 cents there.

Why is this exciting? I believe that as I keep inviting people and people keep joining me that that will multiply the effects of what causes my financials to go up. Seems logical.

Still not convinced about how good Tsu will be?

Ask yourself this question-

“How much does Facebook or Twitter pay me to use their service?”

112114 012

Will Stars Emerge?

As much as possible I’ve decided to do updates about my social media progress on Mondays or Tuesdays from now on.

I’m sure some people might get discouraged when they look at the numbers too often. I’m thinking that over the long run it will be good to see things on a weekly basis and we’re near the beginning of that process. Always remember to keep in mind the long-term perspective. Over time we’ll be able to see week after week after week and that will tell us a story about how I’m doing.

We may also discover benefits we didn’t know were there at the start.

One thing I’m hoping for is for people in the network to do some work themselves. Time will tell. That’s the nature of this type of process which is similar to what network marketers experience. It’s like when an airplane is taking off. You know you’ll be soaring at 30,000 feet at some point, but at this moment you’re still on the runway at close to sea level.

Last time I forgot to include the money earned on Tsu. You may remember on the first post on this subject I mentioned that I had gone from $0.00 to $0.01. My total went from $0.01 last week to $0.09 today. Again, time will tell if this is a multiplying effect, which I doubt, or if it’s merely adding 8 cents a week. I suspect it’s somewhere in between so I expect next week will be somewhere between 17 cents and 27 cents total.

Remember, this is not just about the money. Having more people on Twitter and Tsu will mean that whatever message I’m sending out gets to more people. Here are the rest of the numbers:


60 Friends
1928 Views On My Posts
85 Likes On My Posts
14 Comments On My Posts

I Have 6 “Children”
Those 6 Have Zero “Children”

I have been told again that I am at the limit of posting for a particular 24 hour period. As far as I know there is no penalty involved with reaching that limit again and again. You simply aren’t allowed to post until you reach a point where it’s been 24 hours + 1 minute (or second?) since that post which started the clock. I’m pretty sure that Tsu wants to encourage lots of posting – within limits.


Following 1569
Followed 1487

Again, remember the value of Twitter. I expect that those who have a negative experience on Twitter are following the wrong people. I have conversations with some that I follow and sometimes I talk with them on the phone or through Skype or something similar.

My accounts are:

See you next week for the numbers. How many will be stars?

111014 005

Are You Missing The Action?

Recently I found something that I never expected to see and I posted about it a couple days ago.

If you’re like me you like experiential learning. That is, you learn by doing and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Because I have a Twitter account – @ACrowdFunder and a Facebook account – I can more fully take advantage of this new Facebook-like site.

The BIG difference is that this site will share profits with us. As I understand it, some of the money will be based upon our activity on the site and the likes and comments we generate. But it doesn’t matter if you or I completely understand it at this point.

BECAUSE, you can post through this site and at the same time you can choose to share that post through Twitter and/or Facebook.

Now any time I’m going to post I ask myself if I should post through this site and have it send the post through Facebook or Twitter. It’s an easy click or two that lights up the icons for Twitter and Facebook. So you can CHOOSE to post just at that site or send the post to all three or anywhere in between.

I can’t see any good reason not to join it, can you?

So, join me at by clicking the link in this sentence.

More about the picture below next time!


Was It A Drubbing Or A Shellacking?

If you check out the previous CoachZero post you’ll see I was urging you to vote and if you check out my you’ll likely realize that I was enthusiastic about voting. I even tweeted after my wife and I voted.

It’s probably an understatement to say that I keep up with politics. I expected that Democrats weren’t going to do well, but I was hoping against hope that we wouldn’t do quite so badly as the polls said.

But I had no conception that we would have an almost historically bad night. I don’t even really feel like writing what I’m writing right now. I was tweeting yesterday to find some Democrats and Progressives to start things rolling again and I think it was too soon. Someone on Facebook even said she was in mourning and we could talk some other day.

Now I’m looking at what we can learn from this. In fact, I believe each of us should ask that question about just about every experience we have. So I’m applying it to the time-wasting trolls I encountered on Twitter yesterday, too.

For now I’ll leave you with David Letterman’s opening monologue highlights and Dave’s Karl Rove photo top ten from last night.

More Value #1

Today I’m starting a series of special posts for people in the San Diego area who find their way to Maybe I commented on your blog and you found your way here or maybe you’ve seen one of my Giving You Value videos and decided to check out Coach Zero. However you got here I’m about to share with you a fun & free event at Liberty Station in the Point Loma area.

My wife and I were definitely going to go and then we remembered that we have something we promised to do on Saturday so we will not be there. I really wish we were going. We know a member of one of the bands, Boxcar Chief [ReverbNation], and here’s the new BoxCar Chief Instagram account.

On Saturday, June 7 from 9 am to 4 pm you’ll find a costume contest, live music, a beer and food garden, a kids’ zone and 32 teams competing in a Bocce tournament. It’s the 4th Annual “Bocce for Autism” Tournament & Family Festival and what a beautiful area to have it in. I’m pretty sure that Boxcar Chief [Facebook] takes the stage around 1 pm. If you get there at 11:45 you’ll have time to park and get something to eat and walk around. If I’m wrong and the band starts at noon you can still have time to park before they start. Just because WE can’t make it doesn’t mean you should miss it. This looks like a really fun time. Enjoy.

On another note, check out I’ve been playing and I have to say, it’s a game that will help you keep things positive. I even ran into someone at church last week who is even more of a candidate for it than I am. Don’t underestimate it because you have what you consider to be a normal life. Jump right in and challenge yourself to some quests!

Finally, please follow me [ACrowdFunder] on Twitter!

If you comment on these posts you’ll help me create more value for you in the future. What would you like to see in More Value?

Watch for my next More Value post soon!

Something Real & Fun & Inspiring & We Will Do It Together

Yesterday I watched a little bit of the Tom Cruise/Renee Zellweger movie, Jerry Maguire. There’s a scene where he’s leaving the company he helped build and I found that his words resonate with me and inspire me. The title of this post is a close paraphrase of what Jerry Maguire declared before he and Zellweger’s character left to start an exciting (and risky) new venture together.

Is there something you’ve been putting off?

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to the world, but you’ve never really sat down (or stood up) and simply started?

My friend, Fran Cannon, talks about your “dream drawer” where you’ve put your dream (or dreams) until you think the time is right for you to work on it.

NOW is the time.

Even if you’re wondering how you can move forward on it, NOW is the time!

If you have the slightest belief that you have something you want to do and you haven’t done it yet, I know of a website (and article) for you.

I just found this a couple days ago and finally read the article this morning.

I’m going for it.

Join me!

I want to help you make it happen!

Here’s how to get started:

1) Click on “Coach Zero’s Dream Survey” in the upper right (Start Creating Your Dream Now!) and let me know what you want to do. What is this dream you want to achieve? Give me a way to contact you and soon we’ll be talking about your dream/project over the internet and/or phone!

2) Visit this website & read this article AND subscribe to their email newsletter.
3 Steps To Stop Procrastinating

3) If you have skipped either Step 1 or Step 2, make sure you go back and complete both steps! Then if you want to get started even faster (DO IT NOW!), send me your phone number & email at or

Let’s do something real & fun & inspiring – TOGETHER!