Who Do You Know That Can Help Before May 18th, 2014?

Lately I’ve been waking up PRET-TY early in the morning and not going back to bed because I don’t want to wake my wife, a light sleeper. So I get on Jelly (Know the Jelly app?!) & answer questions or forward questions through Twitter so that someone else can answer them as well. Twitter also gives me a chance to network.

This morning someone was kind enough to ask what I need for the project(s) I’m working on and after thinking about it I realize that right now is a very special time. I’m on the board of The San Dieguito Heritage Museum & I’ve been volunteering with Reality Changers for 7 years during the traditional September through June school year in Solana Beach, California.

If you look closely at the websites you’ll notice that the San Dieguito Heritage Museum is having their 26th Annual BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, May 17th in Encinitas, California & Reality Changers is having their 14th Annual Scholarship Celebration on Sunday, May 18th at the University of San Diego with keynote speaker Vicente Fox!

What I am asking you to do is to check out both sites and:

1) See if one or both are non-profits you would be willing to support financially or otherwise before May 18. (Or after, but a sense of urgency helps get things done.)

Do you have an extra $10,000 or so (give or take $9995) lying around? Do you feel that either of these organizations is an especially good fit with your business/organization? Please feel free to contact me by phone or Twitter or by replying to this post. Or, if you prefer you can contact the organization through their website or phone number. Me? I’m 760.331.7115 & @ACrowdFunder on Twitter.

2) Whether or not you are able to do #1, would you be willing to send this post on (with some kind words of your own) to people you believe might find this interesting?

3) You’re cordially invited to attend either event! Or both! (San Diego is NICE this time of year.) Check the respective websites for details (or talk it over with me)!

Before May 18th, the three options above are where I really and truly can use a BUNCH of help. I AM @ACrowdFunder, after all!

Please feel free to do all three.

Who do you know that can help?