Are You Missing The Action?

Recently I found something that I never expected to see and I posted about it a couple days ago.

If you’re like me you like experiential learning. That is, you learn by doing and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Because I have a Twitter account – @ACrowdFunder and a Facebook account – I can more fully take advantage of this new Facebook-like site.

The BIG difference is that this site will share profits with us. As I understand it, some of the money will be based upon our activity on the site and the likes and comments we generate. But it doesn’t matter if you or I completely understand it at this point.

BECAUSE, you can post through this site and at the same time you can choose to share that post through Twitter and/or Facebook.

Now any time I’m going to post I ask myself if I should post through this site and have it send the post through Facebook or Twitter. It’s an easy click or two that lights up the icons for Twitter and Facebook. So you can CHOOSE to post just at that site or send the post to all three or anywhere in between.

I can’t see any good reason not to join it, can you?

So, join me at by clicking the link in this sentence.

More about the picture below next time!