Another TsuDay, Another TsuDollar

The headline of this post is not literally true for me yet. I’m rushing to get this post done before today’s numbers pop into my Tsu back office. It’s still hours away, but I feel like I’ve been trying to actually get down to writing this for hours.

Tsu is a little bit addictive. But that’s a good thing if you’re going to make money at it. If Tsu commands your attention then it will likely do the same for many of the people you bring to Tsu and for those who follow and friend you.

Yesterday I was surprised when at around 10:15 pm California time I saw the numbers change from 75 cents to $1.17 in a flash. If you read previous posts you’ll see that two days ago my TOTAL was 42 cents and yesterday the INCREASE was 42 cents. That’s exciting.

As I watched my back office today I noticed a few things.

First, it looks like the day ends around 4 pm California time and that’s Midnight Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. GMT is a world standard so it makes sense to me that that’s when the day ends. I’m sure it takes several hours to crunch the numbers which is why I saw the change around 10:15 last night.

Second, not only can you see graphs of the totals of your views, likes and comments, but you can scroll down and see how the last 30 posts are doing. It says “Last 30 Days” and that’s incorrect for now. It’s really your last 30 posts.

Third, I had my two highest counts on views and comments and my second highest count on likes.

What does it mean? That’s a good question.

If the revenue that Tsu generated today remains the same as yesterday, then I expect to get at least 48 cents. I could be surprised though.

I’ll see in a few hours.

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Tsu Gets My Attention

Earlier this week I read an article by a guy who is skeptical that Tsu will amount to anything because he says so many people are put off by making money for using it properly. WHAT?

Even if he’s right about some people, there are still millions who have no problem getting paid for using a Facebook-like site. Pretty simple. How much has Facebook paid you? Maybe when Tsu was tiny (when WAS that?) that might have been true. Tsu has more than a MILLION users after a month. I joined a couple weeks ago and started posting several days ago about my experience.

This is not a full update and if you want to jump right in, join me on Tsu now by clicking here. Next Monday or Tuesday I will post the full update.

This is only about sense and cents. My total starting yesterday morning was 23 cents. (Remember, we are just getting started with the profit sharing.) In a previous post I said that I expected to be between 17 and 27 cents next week. So I’ve already blown through that! [You might think I’m crazy about pennies unless you’ve read previous posts.]

What I’m really wondering is if this is a one-time thing to increase by 19 cents in one day. It’s not the absolute amount that I’m excited about. It’s the PERCENTAGE INCREASE! My total increased by 82% in one day! I don’t expect that every day, but even if it happens just some of the time, that’s exciting. Think about it.

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Growing In Social Media

This morning’s post is mostly about progress thru my newest social media site:

Just because I’m experiencing challenges with uploading a picture of my Tsu stats doesn’t mean I’m not going to share them. Here they are right now:

26 Friends
1111 Views On My Posts
58 Likes On My Posts
12 Comments On My Posts

I Have 6 “Children”
Those 6 Have Zero “Children”

Yesterday (and into this morning) was the second time Tsu told me that I had reached my limit on posting.


Following 1402
Followed 1381

I should also mention here that I believe that Twitter has become an underutilized tool. Twitter still provides a lot of value if you pay attention and communicate. Follow me at

One of the challenges with numbers is understanding “How Am I Doing?”

When the numbers are too small it’s hard to draw any conclusions about how likely things you are measuring will continue to behave in the same way.

That’s what we want. A way to duplicate something that works. If I have 6 children this week will I have another 6 children (or more) next week?

Over the next several weeks and months (and years) you will be able to see how my methods are working and how I improve over that time. By improve I mean more growth in the numbers as well as strengthening the relationships that occur when you have some communication.

Right now I’ll tell you that one of my Tsu children is my wife – @MarianneEarlywine. Another is someone I met on Twitter – @ismellzombies – just over two weeks ago and his crowdfunding campaign is almost exactly on target. He has 15 days and a couple hours to reach his goal. View his campaign by visiting and searching Remain Calm. His project is the game involving zombies!

Two of my Tsu children are Facebook friends. Charlotte is someone who I have talked with and even networked with on the phone more than once – @Cjtersigni. Another Facebook friend is from Sweden – @Askmo. Both of these individuals have been connected to me on Facebook for years. I’m at

Last but not least are two more from Twitter. Kelly – @kkdub – is someone who I asked back in the spring if she would be interested in networking and she knows about social media. She introduced me to, which lets you schedule tweets. She and I also talked on the phone several months ago. Last of the last and certainly not least of the least is a teacher I met on Twitter just last night. She – @Tavie76 – is using a different crowdfunding platform and you can visit to see what she’s doing.

Please remember that these are the names that each of these people have chosen to use on Tsu. They may have a different – @YourCR8TVNameHere – name on Twitter.

Why Miss Out On Profit With Social Media?

Imagine if Facebook paid you part of the profits for doing what you are doing on Facebook anyway. One week ago I started playing with a site that seems pretty similar to Facebook. The BIG difference is that they share profits with the users. If you are doing something anyway and you can be paid to do it, why not?

As far as I know this concept is only at the beginning and some people are incredibly skeptical and won’t believe something until it’s long proven. Unfortunately, when a concept is long proven is often the time when it’s not as profitable because the vast majority of people who will be involved are already involved.

This can happen in places like the stock market as well. I remember years ago when Cisco Systems was at a peak and they were having trouble moving the stock price any higher. The thinking by some people was that just about everyone who could buy the stock already owned it. So, what new people or institutions were left who could discover Cisco and buy their stock? If you look at Google Finance you can see that Cisco seems to have peaked way back in 2000. (When you see the graph make sure you click on “All” which is about two inches to the right of the word “Zoom” in the upper left of the graph area. The visual of the peak stock price is like the top of a mountain!)

For those of you who want to get rich quick, this is not the way. I cannot stress enough that you are being paid to do something you’re ALREADY doing. I post just like I do on Facebook. I like. I share. And over time, I expect that pennies will turn into dimes and dimes into dollars. I don’t claim to completely understand it yet, but it was nice to see my first penny pop in there this morning.

I’m sure some people will laugh right now. A penny? Yes. And that looks to me to be just the beginning. I didn’t invite a thousand people to join me. I have two people so far who I invited and they followed my link and they are my “children” at the site. And today at the top of the page it shows $0.01 instead of $0.00.

Right now I have 6 friends and 1 follower. I urge you to join me now and get ahead of the vast crowd. How many profiles are there on Facebook? Over a billion? We don’t yet have close to that. And that’s a good thing.

Think about it.

Actually, don’t just think about it.

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