Tsu Lessons

Now that I’m used to creating content and interacting on Tsu every day I have learned a couple things and I’ll continue to share more lessons in the future.

1) Never post about how Tsu won’t let you comment because you’ve maxed out for this particular rolling 24 hour period. I did that today and it may have been a coincidence, but not long after I made that announcement I found that no one was commenting. Maybe it was just because it was Saturday morning or maybe there are just some things we don’t want to share on Tsu!

Visit here to see what I said when Tsu gave me back the ability to comment:


If you haven’t joined Tsu yet, you may need to before you can view it.

Use my wife’s link – http://Tsu.co/MarianneEarlywine or mine – http://Tsu.co/ACrowdFunder to join right now!

2) You may find that some activities are more efficient, but not more effective. You may want to comment on a few posts by someone else, but don’t go overboard if you are trying to maximize how you use your time. This morning I decided to comment on 30 or 40 posts by one woman and it was very easy to simply scroll down to the next post time after time.

Did she do the same for me? No. She might have commented once and liked one or two posts. If I had spread out my comments over the next 10 or 12 days, maybe she would have returned the favor most of those days. We’ll see how that turns out but I don’t expect those chickens to hatch, so I won’t count those eggs!

Lastly, my account increased from 42 cents to 75 cents today and I didn’t really expect that. After such a good increase yesterday my account still increased over 78% in value today. So far 33 cents is the high for one day and I think tomorrow will be lower, but I’ve been wrong before. One thing I DO expect is that tomorrow there will be more than 75 cents there.

Why is this exciting? I believe that as I keep inviting people and people keep joining me that that will multiply the effects of what causes my financials to go up. Seems logical.

Still not convinced about how good Tsu will be?

Ask yourself this question-

“How much does Facebook or Twitter pay me to use their service?”

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Save Money On Shopping – Really

A few months ago a friend on Happier told me about this app and I downloaded it to my Samsung phone. I’ve used it a few times and put my link on Facebook and Twitter and a funny thing happened. They changed their rules and now when someone follows your link and signs up they give you five dollars. It’s not life-changing, but it’s real.

When you go shopping at Vons or about 80 other stores in North America you save 25 cents here, 50 cents there, a dollar sometimes and basically I see it as electronic coupons, except you get money back. I guess maybe it’s more accurate to call it electronic rebates, but it’s real money just the same.

I had forgotten about the links I posted and noticed that I now have 3 friends who have joined.

They send you an email when someone follows your link to enroll. I got one last night that said this:

Your friend Deb just joined Ibotta!
Welcome Deb to your team by sending a message or giving them a nudge on the app.

I almost forgot to mention that it’s free.

Join us!

Here’s the link which I shortened through ow.ly: http://ow.ly/Bw02s