There’s More Than One Way To Get Things Done

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day I was pretty busy and I didn’t blog on every day on my schedule. I have thought about blogging ahead of time, saving a draft and then pressing “publish” on that particular day, yet my usual habit has been to blog early in the morning and publish right away.

This morning I’m up earlier than my wife and son and I know they’ll be getting up sometime during the next half hour. A few minutes ago I wasn’t in the mood and feeling a little groggy. It’s too early for me to play music until I get some new headphones. We have a heatwave coming this week and we’ve been sleeping with most windows open. So I was sitting in the coolness hearing all the birds chirp (we don’t need a rooster!) and I decided to close my eyes and listen to the birds.

An interesting thing happened when I did. I could hear about half a dozen distinct birds. I heard a particularly loud one stop completely at some point. Soon another one stopped. Then I realized that there weren’t dozens of birds as I had previously thought.

Unlike some people I happen to enjoy the sound of the birds singing – even early in the morning. I like bits of nature in my suburbia. (I love trees, too.) After I took a few minutes to close my eyes and listen to nature I found myself ready to write. As my late “poor country boy from Illinois” dad used to say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

About a week ago I wrote about another method for getting started in my Jumpstart post. Whatever the task, you will want to be ready with different methods of getting started so that you waste less time and get things done even when conditions are not optimal. Blogging last Friday and reblogging on Saturday was not critical for CoachZero, but it’s important to create consistent habits to get done what you want to get done.

Even as I type this post my son gave me word from my wife to get something started on the stove and soon my wife and the dog were up while our son showered. In about 40 minutes I’ll need to take my wife to school. I find that it’s easier to continue typing when the rest of the family gets up than it is to start writing from scratch. You are reading a completed project, yet I am interacting with my wife who’s telling me about a pain, our son who’s relaying the story of a woman who was saved from a tsunami by her dog insisting that they go for a walk in a different direction, and our dog wanting to go out and then come back in.

You likely have other methods than closing your eyes for a few minutes in order to get focused and get started or keep yourself on track. Use what works for you. Consistently.

While it’s literally true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s also true that consistency helps you hone the skills to continue through interruptions. Life will interrupt all the time and we still need to get done what we need to get done. Now it’s time for me to get dressed and take my wife to school.

Measure Yourself And Keep Moving (Even On Friday)

My Twitter account – @ACrowdFunder – is approximately two months old and I have 801 followers. It’s important to measure to see your progress and adjust your expectations. Then you continue to move forward by getting back to work and not “resting on your laurels”.

If I continue at this rate I will have 4800 followers by March 1, 2015 – the one year mark. I may exceed that number if I get better at using Twitter. Of course, that assumes that I want followers only.

What if I am focusing on something else? What if I decide to focus on the engagement that happens with people on Twitter? What if I network with those people and create more opportunities, more business and more income because of the level of engagement? Isn’t that more important? I believe that engagement is very important and having followers is important, too.

Because I use Jelly as well as Twitter I follow people on Twitter who are actively and (mostly) sincerely engaged on Jelly. What do I mean by that? I mean that these people ask and answer questions in a sincere manner and once in a while ask or answer questions in a joking manner. We all have to joke around a little sometimes.

I have even created two lists/groups related to Jelly on Twitter. Today I’ll mention one of them. I call this list “Jelly Capable!” and the people on this list I have observed are doing what I said in the previous paragraph. Jelly Capable! is full of people who ask and answer questions on Jelly sincerely (mostly).

Why do you think I have this list? One reason is to save time in order to be more productive.

Check out Jelly Capable!

“What have we learned on the show tonight, Craig?”

-Measure in order to see your progress and adjust your expectations.
-Remembering WHAT we are measuring is even more important.
-It’s ok to joke around sometimes.
-Moving on to the next step by getting back to work is an excellent habit. Don’t “rest on your laurels”.
-Jelly Capable! is a great way to find people on Twitter who are using Jelly.

I’ve included this old routine from Steve Martin to encourage you (and help you remember!) to measure.

*As with any content I cannot promise that no one will be offended.

Around 1:13 is the measure reference.

Who is measuring your progress?