Will Stars Emerge?

As much as possible I’ve decided to do updates about my social media progress on Mondays or Tuesdays from now on.

I’m sure some people might get discouraged when they look at the numbers too often. I’m thinking that over the long run it will be good to see things on a weekly basis and we’re near the beginning of that process. Always remember to keep in mind the long-term perspective. Over time we’ll be able to see week after week after week and that will tell us a story about how I’m doing.

We may also discover benefits we didn’t know were there at the start.

One thing I’m hoping for is for people in the network to do some work themselves. Time will tell. That’s the nature of this type of process which is similar to what network marketers experience. It’s like when an airplane is taking off. You know you’ll be soaring at 30,000 feet at some point, but at this moment you’re still on the runway at close to sea level.

Last time I forgot to include the money earned on Tsu. You may remember on the first post on this subject I mentioned that I had gone from $0.00 to $0.01. My total went from $0.01 last week to $0.09 today. Again, time will tell if this is a multiplying effect, which I doubt, or if it’s merely adding 8 cents a week. I suspect it’s somewhere in between so I expect next week will be somewhere between 17 cents and 27 cents total.

Remember, this is not just about the money. Having more people on Twitter and Tsu will mean that whatever message I’m sending out gets to more people. Here are the rest of the numbers:


60 Friends
1928 Views On My Posts
85 Likes On My Posts
14 Comments On My Posts

I Have 6 “Children”
Those 6 Have Zero “Children”

I have been told again that I am at the limit of posting for a particular 24 hour period. As far as I know there is no penalty involved with reaching that limit again and again. You simply aren’t allowed to post until you reach a point where it’s been 24 hours + 1 minute (or second?) since that post which started the clock. I’m pretty sure that Tsu wants to encourage lots of posting – within limits.


Following 1569
Followed 1487

Again, remember the value of Twitter. I expect that those who have a negative experience on Twitter are following the wrong people. I have conversations with some that I follow and sometimes I talk with them on the phone or through Skype or something similar.

My accounts are:


See you next week for the numbers. How many will be stars?

111014 005