Awesome Tech I Didn’t Expect At My Monday Morning Meeting

About 45 minutes ago I had an online meeting scheduled with someone from Canada. I love that fact that we can so easily connect with people around the world using or or other equally helpful sites.

When I can talk or do a presentation online it’s like a modern miracle. I’m sure there are plenty of people who take it for granted, but what incredible tools! I’m grateful that this technology is available to us.

As it happens, the person with whom I was supposed to meet didn’t show up.

Some of you have completely integrated this technology into your lifestyle and you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?”

And some of you are having an “aha” moment.

Let me be clear. I was waiting for this meeting online and doing work at the same time. I was in my home.

In fact, I’m in my home right now as I type this post.

Please be patient with me (us) if you’re a veteran of online meetings.

What DIDN’T happen this morning?

I didn’t have to get in the shower after our son and hope there was enough hot water.

I didn’t have to rush to my meeting after dropping off my teacher wife at her school and helping her carry in supplies for her lesson today. (Juice in cylindrical containers! That sure beats the lessons I got from the nuns!)

I didn’t have to drive through traffic to get to a meeting where the other person didn’t show up.

I didn’t have to turn around and drive to my next meeting.

I didn’t have to get frustrated. I just moved on. Next.

While I was waiting I took a few minutes to watch a fantastic video on

THIS technology will make an absolutely enormous impact.

James Patten – The Best Computer Interface

(Now is the time for all good humans to watch the video above. That’s ok. The rest of this post will be here when you get back.)

“What did we learn from the show tonight, Craig?”

When you have online meetings you not only save time, you’re less likely to get frustrated. (IF you choose that!)

There is even better and truly useful technology coming soon.

Charlie Hicks-Moore (me) likes to meet and do presentations online.

I’m willing to meet with you online, too. Contact me!

If you really embrace this technology I expect that you’ll find out things that you enjoy about it that I haven’t even noticed.

I’m going to take a shower now.