More Value #1

Today I’m starting a series of special posts for people in the San Diego area who find their way to Maybe I commented on your blog and you found your way here or maybe you’ve seen one of my Giving You Value videos and decided to check out Coach Zero. However you got here I’m about to share with you a fun & free event at Liberty Station in the Point Loma area.

My wife and I were definitely going to go and then we remembered that we have something we promised to do on Saturday so we will not be there. I really wish we were going. We know a member of one of the bands, Boxcar Chief [ReverbNation], and here’s the new BoxCar Chief Instagram account.

On Saturday, June 7 from 9 am to 4 pm you’ll find a costume contest, live music, a beer and food garden, a kids’ zone and 32 teams competing in a Bocce tournament. It’s the 4th Annual “Bocce for Autism” Tournament & Family Festival and what a beautiful area to have it in. I’m pretty sure that Boxcar Chief [Facebook] takes the stage around 1 pm. If you get there at 11:45 you’ll have time to park and get something to eat and walk around. If I’m wrong and the band starts at noon you can still have time to park before they start. Just because WE can’t make it doesn’t mean you should miss it. This looks like a really fun time. Enjoy.

On another note, check out I’ve been playing and I have to say, it’s a game that will help you keep things positive. I even ran into someone at church last week who is even more of a candidate for it than I am. Don’t underestimate it because you have what you consider to be a normal life. Jump right in and challenge yourself to some quests!

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