Was It A Drubbing Or A Shellacking?

If you check out the previous CoachZero post you’ll see I was urging you to vote and if you check out my Instagram.com/ACrowdFunder you’ll likely realize that I was enthusiastic about voting. I even tweeted after my wife and I voted.

It’s probably an understatement to say that I keep up with politics. I expected that Democrats weren’t going to do well, but I was hoping against hope that we wouldn’t do quite so badly as the polls said.

But I had no conception that we would have an almost historically bad night. I don’t even really feel like writing what I’m writing right now. I was tweeting yesterday to find some Democrats and Progressives to start things rolling again and I think it was too soon. Someone on Facebook even said she was in mourning and we could talk some other day.

Now I’m looking at what we can learn from this. In fact, I believe each of us should ask that question about just about every experience we have. So I’m applying it to the time-wasting trolls I encountered on Twitter yesterday, too.

For now I’ll leave you with David Letterman’s opening monologue highlights and Dave’s Karl Rove photo top ten from last night.