YOUR Support Matters

Wondering Where I Went?

Your Support Matters - Hi Kraig!

Have you ever looked at a few words and realized they could be understood in more than one way?

Personally, I like to let people know what they are in for.

When I created this blog one of the things I wanted you to know from the very start is that I’m creating a brand and I’m asking for your support when the time comes. A funny thing happened during our journey together. I realized how incredibly important it is that each one of us has support for our daily lives.

In other words, not only do I boldly ask for support FROM you through Your Support Matters (this blog), I want you to remember that support FOR you is incredibly important.

Where does the best support come from? Actually, there’s a better, more impactful way to ask that question.

Where does INDISPENSABLE support come from?

Just in case anyone…

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What About These Changes?

Ace! Would you like to come to the BBQ?

Your Support Matters - Hi Kraig!

As long as I can remember I have believed in encouragement. It may sound simplistic because who truly believes we shouldn’t encourage people? And yet, I have heard people sometimes say half-jokingly “Don’t encourage him.” That might be said by a wife about her husband’s jokes and general sense of humor that she doesn’t find very funny. My wife says I don’t have ANY experience with that. Riiight.

When I took a class on understanding your spiritual gifts at Solana Beach Pres a few years ago I was gladdened to see that encouragement was one of my gifts. I believe I have enjoyed encouraging people basically all my life. That’s why I added the line “Encouraging You Since 1963” to the header on this blog. I was born February 28, 1963 at Tri-City Hospital in Oceanside, California.

Encinitas, California is where I grew to be a teenager and that’s…

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Native American Jesus Song

You Say You Like Your Rock ‘N’ Roll With A Native Peoples Flavor?

Your Support Matters - Hi Kraig!

When we attended the revival several weeks ago at the L.A. Coliseum I really enjoyed the Native American musicians. They played a song that seemed to be a combination of rock, Native American music and what I sometimes call “Jesus” lyrics.

I had assumed that I would easily find it on Youtube a few days later by searching for songs from the revival. That was not the case, but today I searched “native american jesus song” on Youtube and a list of songs from a group called Broken Walls came up. This is the same group we heard at the revival. I really, really enjoy “Ride the Wind” by Broken Walls.

Here’s “Ride the Wind”:

Read more about Broken Walls on the Broken Walls website:

About Broken Walls

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Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet

My Top Post On My New Blog So Far!

Your Support Matters - Hi Kraig!

When I started this blog I mentioned faith songs that help me feel the presence of God. This morning my wife and I were together in worship for the first time in a while at our home church, Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.

This song by Amy Grant (below) came to mind as we studied Psalm 119 (the longest Psalm) in worship. Our congregation read the whole Psalm together, sometimes following along and other times reading in unison.

Then our senior pastor, Mike McClenahan, preached the rest of his sermon. He had urged us to find words that stood out for us as we read and then taught us three main points.

The word, which was the Torah (the way) originally, is:

*profoundly good*

*intentionally heard*

*relationally followed*

You can hear the whole sermon with Mike’s finer points soon by visiting SolanaPres/audio.

Be Filled With Wonder!


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A New Dance To Watch And Learn


Your Support Matters - Hi Kraig!

I’m dating myself with this post’s title. If you have ever seen The Archies television show that I watched on Saturday mornings during the 1970s(!), you’ll recognize those seven words as the start of the “new dance” portion of the show. I still remember seeing one called “The Touchdown” that featured Jughead prominently.

Oh, those carefree days before 1980 when terrorists in the U.S. like the SLA and others [Google It – The SLA] were homegrown and mostly stuck to robbing banks. (At least that’s how I perceived it in my preteen years. Wait. You didn’t realize that we had terrorism way back then? It’s not new. The faces are different as well as their beliefs. But I digress and manage to explain while still bleary-eyed…ANyway…)

Recently I’ve been sharing with people I know and people I meet in Vons and Trader Joe’s and other places how I never expected…

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