10 Days Walking

You can start a great new habit or restart an old habit just about any time.

On the last day of our trip to Canada and Michigan (via Chicago) we had just enough time to take a walk while we waited for a booth at the best hamburger place we’ve ever been – Au Cheval. Maybe I’ll share about the truly delicious food another time, but my point is that we walked a couple miles in Chicago and then in O’Hare International, the airport in Salt Lake City and Lindbergh Field in San Diego.

Since that day I have done a lot of walking at San Diego Comic-Con which started the day after we arrived home. Because they killed one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters I didn’t go to Hall H this year which means that I didn’t spend seven hours in one room sitting down. I walked for hours every day and didn’t sit down very much. That’s six days so far of walking an average of probably 4-6 miles or more and no less than 2 1/2 miles on preview night at Comic-Con.

On Monday I decided to go walking near Cal State San Marcos and I walked most of the way up the hill. On Tuesday I went back earlier and went farther and Wednesday I started at 5:07 am and walked to Double Peak Drive in San Elijo.

Today my wife and I walked from Tina’s Deli up Borden through Palomar College and then east on Mission and back through Palomar College to finish where we started. I only took one photo today, so there was a lot more walking. I’m guessing at least 3 miles, but I’ll know for sure tomorrow after I plot the course.

I’ll continue to keep track of where I walk in case any readers want to take the same paths.

Here are some photos!

Legendary Pictures Booth At SDCC 2015

Legendary Pictures Booth At SDCC 2015

Warcraft Figure For Upcoming Movie

Warcraft Figure For Upcoming Movie

Starting My Walk At CSUSM

Starting Walk At CSUSM 7/13/15

Walking Up The Hill South Of CSUSM

Walking Up The Hill South Of CSUSM

The First Day Halfway Point

The First Day Halfway Point

Welcome Shade On The Way Back

Welcome Shade On The Way Back

Earlier & Foggy 7/14/15 Above CSUSM

Earlier & Foggy 7/14/15 Above CSUSM

Fire Station 8 am 7/14/15

Fire Station 8 am 7/14/15

Made It To Lexi!

Made It To Lexi!

View To The South At Peak Of San Elijo 7/14/15

Southeast View At Peak Of San Elijo

Blue Sky Peeking Through

Blue Sky Peeking Through

Sun Starting To Burn Through Near San Elijo Peak 7/14/15

Starting To Burn Off Near San Elijo Peak 7/14/15

Should I Go To Mr. Taco Before I Head Home?

Mr. Taco Before I Head Home?

Looks Different At 5 am

Looks Different At 5 am 7/15/15

CSUSM Off Campus Housing

CSUSM Off Campus Housing

Made It To Double Peak!

Made It To Double Peak!

Still Foggy To The South

Still Foggy To The South

Deer Crossing On San Elijo

Deer Crossing On San Elijo

Another Kind Of Crossing

Another Kind Of Crossing

Back At 7:20 am 7/15/15

Back At 7:20 am

Vacation Part Two At San Diego Comic-Con

Tuesday we got back from Canada and yesterday I went to preview night at San Diego Comic-Con.

Taking the trolley down from the stadium is a great way to go, but make sure you use the restroom before you get on. By the time I got to the convention center I decided to go straight to the hotel next door because I assumed that security might make me wait in a long line before they let me inside.

As it turned out I didn’t really have to wait to get in once I realized that the only long line was for professionals and those of us with passes for all five days of Comic-Con could go right in and straight upstairs to get our badge and bag of stuff.

I decided to spend my time on the main floor and got a few “Happy Birthday” video snippets (check out last year’s on my Youtube account to see what I mean). I also spent time in my first line for Adult Swim and had a great conversation with Ron from the Bay Area. We talked about taking time to do that thing that you really want to do while you’re doing whatever else you have (or want) to do right now.

I’ll share photos and possibly more soon. For now, check out this beautiful view from our Canada trip.

Last Moon On The Left

Last Moon On The Left

What About My Weight?

High Protein - Low Carb Cooking - The Hard Way!

High Protein – Low Carb Cooking – The Hard Way!

Thank you to those of you who sponsored my weight loss when the San Dieguito Heritage Museum crowdfunded through RocketHub a couple months ago. My progress has been slower than I expected, but I am down from 299.5 pounds. Just today I weighed myself on the same scale at L.A. Fitness and I’ve dropped 8 pounds in a little under 4 months.

As soon as I finish this post I’ll be getting ready for our trip to Michigan (via Chicago) and Canada. My hope is to maintain my weight during these two weeks and the five days immediately after at San Diego Comic-Con. What will I do differently? This morning I started back with Classical Stretch, which anyone can record from KPBS very early in the morning. I find it challenging enough that today I did only 10 minutes, but I’ll do more tomorrow and when I return from vacation. Hopefully I will memorize some of it so I can take it with me.

In addition to the stretching I’ll definitely be walking more when we’re in Canada and look to bring that habit back home with me. I’m doing the Atkins Diet in a much more careful way than I used to do before I got gout several years ago.

What’s the most important thing about Atkins in my opinion? Absolutely no cheating. Your body goes into ketosis (look it up) within a couple days if you’re doing it right and if you have too many carbohydrates you drop out of ketosis and lose the benefits. Worse than not dropping those pounds are the detrimental effects of meat, butter, cream and whatever else you can get away with on Atkins when you’re actually in ketosis. (If you’re skeptical, do the research.)

What I have found is that by NOT going overboard with meat (especially beef, pork or shellfish) and eating more vegetables and salad, I feel better and usually more full. I have found that if you eat a lot of animal protein and few vegetables, you may feel hungry an hour later even though you had 14 ounces of ribeye. My own experience tells me that I simply feel better when I’m eating more fresh vegetables. If you really pay attention to your body, you’ll likely feel better when you eat more vegetables.

If you’re used to reading San Dieguito Heritage Voices you may remember that blog is written by supporters of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum. This blog, Coach Zero, is my personal blog. Look for future updates about my (Drop Those Pounds!) adventure at CoachZero.com.

Now I want to thank all those who supported my weight loss efforts and/or celebrated my birthday through the San Dieguito Heritage Museum’s Main Street crowdfunding project earlier this year. (Click the link in the first paragraph or visit RocketHub.com and search “San Dieguito Heritage Museum” to find out more.) Here’s A Big THANK YOU! to all those listed in chronological order below:

Linda McCardle
Roger Bolus
Evelyn Weidner
Mary Witesman
Vance McClure
John Weidner
Betsy Weidner
Carol Koch
Kraig Archer
Paul Barnes
Greg Grajek
John Porter
Sue Clement
Ed Stringer
Lois Sunrich
James Q. Wade, Jr.
Betz Lewis

I’m A #tsuwalker Shooting For The Bullseye

Last Saturday I knew it was time for me to get back to walking regularly. I used to walk so much that one of my old nicknames is BigManWalking. (I still have it as my id with places like Comic-Con. I’m sure you can find my old BigManWalking blog on blogspot.) The most I have ever walked in one day is 14 miles.

I’ve been integrating tsu into my life and created a game called #tsuwalker to keep me from getting bored on a long walk. I decided that if you’re walking and liking, that’s #tsuwalking. If you do this regularly, you’re a #tsuwalker. I put those hashtags on my tsu profile. I’m pretty sure I’m the first to use these hashtags for this purpose, so I believe it’s fair to say that I invented the game. (Even if someone else thought of it, we don’t know about each other.)

The most important thing about #tsuwalking is that you do it in a way that’s safe. Let me repeat that with emphasis. The MOST IMPORTANT THING about #tsuwalking is that you do it in a way that’s SAFE. As for me, I paused about every 75 yards or so and did 10 likes on my mobile phone. If I had to switch to another person’s profile I just kept walking while tsu was doing its thing. If there was no technical glitch at the moment I paused my walk, I was then able to just look down at the phone I was carrying in my left hand and do those likes.

As with anything, the more practice you get, the better and faster you can become. The first day I liked Nicole Barnett’s wall all the way back the her beginning on tsu.

On Sunday I switched between several users and did from 2-60 likes on each one. Sometimes I found someone who I had given a lot of likes to earlier in the week and so that person didn’t get that many on Sunday.

During the whole weekend I walked over 6 miles and that’s pretty great start after my long layoff.

If you want to like those same people, find me on tsu – @ACrowdFunder – and check out my posts in the next day or two.

Now, there is another game I like to call the Bullseye Game and life is calling so I’m leaving it for next time.

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Are You On tsu? Join Our Group On tsu!

First, if you are NOT on tsu and you are reading this on a computer, you can join by following the link in the upper right. When you follow my link that connects you to me (@ACrowdFunder) and tsu refers to you as my child. Welcome, my child! 😉

If you are already registered on tsu and you want to get more likes, views and followers, Mateo Garcia (@beNICEmedia) and I and several others have created a group and that group is becoming a team that helps the members get more likes, views and followers on tsu. Right now we are accepting members who speak English in the USA and Canada. If you are from a different country and want to be part of a future expansion of the team, you are also welcome to contact me now and I’ll let you know when the time is right for that expansion.

This is a good time for me to write about the requirement for English speakers only. This has to do with just one thing. Speed. Speed of communication is the biggest factor. Soon our group will be 50, then 100 and then 500 members or more. I know some Spanish, but not enough to run an organization. I send out emails 5 or 6 days a week to the team and those emails are in English. If you have a viable solution that doesn’t add to the time it takes for us to do things, I’m willing to hear it. Just know that at least until the end of March, I’m going to be very, very busy. So that conversation could take time as I would have to fit it in to everything else I’m doing.

If you are on tsu and you have an outside business that you believe can be helped by tsu, you are a great candidate for our group. If you would just like to come play with us and get more likes, views and followers on tsu and help others do the same, that’s great!

Right now I have 5000 friends on tsu, so you would need to be a follower. Those are tsu’s rules. Not mine.

Want more success? Ready to learn how to better use social media to get there? Join my team.

I’m @ACrowdFunder!

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Some Things Take Time

When I started the Coach Zero blog I did so because I want to help everyday people like you (and stars and superstars, if they choose to join us) to create greater success in your lives. I chose the name because I thought it sounded very cool. I soon found out that Coach Zero is a term for an unsuccessful coach in college and professional sports. That’s funny. And that’s ok.

Because one thing I am here for is to claim back the Coach Zero (or CoachZero) name. Just like Yankee Doodle Dandy, which was meant as a song to make fun of Americans during Revoluntionary War times, or Spirit In The Sky, a song which was meant by Norman Greenbaum, the songwriter, to make fun of Christians, I’m making something better out of Coach Zero.

U2 had a much tougher road to follow when they said that they were “taking back” the song Helter Skelter by The Beatles. Some of you may be too young to know that Charles Manson, the cult leader and murderer, said that he listened to Helter Skelter before he went out and did his dirty deeds.

In 1988, on their live album, Rattle and Hum, U2 said that they were taking the song back (in the name of God, I believe) and I took them at their word.

Recently my wife and I saw the former Beatle, Paul McCartney, in concert in Petco Park in San Diego and it was the greatest concert experience in our lives – including Helter Skelter.

As for Coach Zero, I see it in a few ways. Have you ever heard of patient zero? It refers to the exact person who contracts something FIRST before it spreads. I guess that makes me patient zero of this new meaning for Coach Zero.

Another way of looking at is like the term ground zero. That’s used when referring to an explosion, even a nuclear explosion. Ground zero is the place where the bomb hits and the explosion spreads out from there.

It saddens me that after 9/11 I feel that I need to assure people that I am only talking in metaphorical terms about an explosion of energy and ideas. I am in now way advocating or condoning any acts of violence by using the term “explosion”.

When we have an explosion of energy and ideas, really, really great things can happen.

In April of 2014 when I started this Coach Zero blog I had no idea that something like tsu existed or was in the planning stages. I had a general idea of where I wanted to go with this blog and started writing and re-posting other’s stuff. It was similar in feeling to what Julia Cameron teaches people to do in her book, “The Artist’s Way”.

Because I have continued to play with Coach Zero and now, tsu, I am finding ways that the two can interconnect and create synergy and many readers have now come from tsu. Thanks to all of you for reading and I certainly hope my Coach Zero blog will continue to help you create more success in life.

Long before I got to 5000 friends on tsu I wanted to have the terms “Coach Zero” and “CoachZero” move up the Google rankings. Today I noticed that both terms have this CoachZero blog listed at number 3! Last spring I was lucky if the CoachZero.com URL got into the TOP TEN PAGES!

I didn’t pay for any advertising (though I did pay $5 for a failed experiment in getting blog viewers many months ago) to move CoachZero.com up the rankings. I just kept posting and trying to improve what I do here.

I believe that’s how a lot of things work. Keep working at it and keep trying to improve. I think the second part is just as important. Too many people are NOT interested in much learning or growing as a person.

If you ARE interested in learning and growing I know you can make a successful change. You can make things happen.

If you would like to join me on tsu, you can click the link in the upper right of the page. If you’re on a phone it may be somewhere else! If you’re already on tsu, contact me there or comment on this post if you want to learn more.

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011115 024

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Why Aren’t You On Tsu?

Before I begin I just want to say to my tsufamily, “Take today’s post off because it’s for people who are NOT on tsu yet! Take a walk. It’s good for you!”

Let’s get to it.

Do you want:

To leverage social media to help your business, project or enterprise?

Have fun in a more positive atmosphere?

Post stuff that actually gets liked and even commented upon and SHARED!

Have a Facebook-like experience that’s more like in the beginning when it wasn’t cluttered by so much stuff?

Use hashtags like on Twitter, but have them lead to a page that’s full of beautiful images instead of overwhelmed by text?

These are all good reasons to join tsu.

Here’s a great one:

When you post on tsu, YOU OWN what you post. Check the other sites and read the small print. When you post on Facebook or Twitter, that website owns your content. (Even after you die, which could be weird for your friends and family later on.)

Here’s another great reason:

tsu shares revenues with you, the user.

I doubt that anyone will get rich on tsu, even if they use it 18 hours a day.

But, a lot of people will get $100 or $200 in a year or two. Some will even get $500 or $1000 because they have invited so many active people onto tsu.

You can join me on tsu now!

Click the link in the upper right that says Join Me On tsu!

I expect my first $100 check will come between August and November. Like I said, it’s not a lot, but it’s not ZERO, either. (I will keep you posted on my check, too. Right now my tsu account has $21.70 in it.)

How much does Facebook pay you to use it? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? Vine? Do I need to go on?

I am sharing the financial information in order to be thorough, but the OTHER reasons listed above are why you want to join tsu. Look at the check you earn a year from now or more as a nice little bonus.

Also, if you REALLY, REALLY don’t care about the money you can give it away to charity. I know that Charity Water is one of the nonprofits that tsu supports, so if you accumulate $2.00 and you simply want to donate it, tsu is also a payment platform. Just click buttons to send the $2.00 that tsu paid you to Charity Water or whichever other nonprofit tsu supports. (I’m even looking into whether I can have a local nonprofit in the mix, so to speak. That way I can get members to join and they can donate their earnings if they choose.)

What is the best reason to join tsu?

In MY opinion, if you want to have a more enjoyable experience online and you’re ok if tsu sends you a check in a year or or so and you like to interact with people online, then you should definitely join!

tsu requires you to follow someone’s invitation to join, so…

Click the link in the upper right that says Join Me On tsu!

Enjoy the internet again!

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