Was It A Drubbing Or A Shellacking?

If you check out the previous CoachZero post you’ll see I was urging you to vote and if you check out my Instagram.com/ACrowdFunder you’ll likely realize that I was enthusiastic about voting. I even tweeted after my wife and I voted.

It’s probably an understatement to say that I keep up with politics. I expected that Democrats weren’t going to do well, but I was hoping against hope that we wouldn’t do quite so badly as the polls said.

But I had no conception that we would have an almost historically bad night. I don’t even really feel like writing what I’m writing right now. I was tweeting yesterday to find some Democrats and Progressives to start things rolling again and I think it was too soon. Someone on Facebook even said she was in mourning and we could talk some other day.

Now I’m looking at what we can learn from this. In fact, I believe each of us should ask that question about just about every experience we have. So I’m applying it to the time-wasting trolls I encountered on Twitter yesterday, too.

For now I’ll leave you with David Letterman’s opening monologue highlights and Dave’s Karl Rove photo top ten from last night.


John Adams Says “Rejoice Evermore!”

If you enjoy history like me you’ll enjoy the John Adams episodes on HBO. I really enjoyed them while cooking on Independence Day. Today I’ll simply leave you with encouraging words that our second president finally embraced near the end of his life, “Rejoice Evermore!”

Take Time To Take It In

Right now I can feel the morning coolness coming in through a living room window. I hear multiple birds singing and if I don’t try to hard I can imagine the sounds from the freeway are a not too distant waterfall. The singing of the birds seems to be becoming more intense.

How often do we miss the opportunity to appreciate nature and the physical world?

When was the last time that you spent time without the internet, television or radio (or the movie theatre?)?

About 10 years ago when I attended Expressions Unlimited Toastmasters every single week almost without fail we had a guest from Orange County who traveled to Carlsbad regularly. He was heavily involved with the internet and I think I asked the wrong question because he never returned. Here is that question:

What do you do to get away from the internet?

I don’t remember his exact answer, but he seemed to think it was a terrible question.

He response was basically, “WHY would you take a break from the internet?”

I’ve seen articles written about such things in recent years. Maybe I was ahead of my time.

Recently we had fires in our area. You can see photos I took at Instagram.com/ACrowdFunder.

In dealing with that situation and the other things that got put on hold during the fires I found my schedule for Coach Zero disrupted.

Now our lives are being disrupted again by a beagle puppy that our son, Stuart, has named Bones. You can see video at Vine.co/ACrowdFunder.

I’m taking more time to appreciate nature and the physical world today. I believe my original schedule for Coach Zero is out the window.

By the way, maybe “out the window” is where we should all be looking more often.

Maybe we can get up and open the door and go outside and touch, see, hear, smell, taste and feel what we see when we look out the window.

In other words, take time to take it in.

That’s what I’m going to do as soon as I get this puppy to stop biting my foot.

Tweak It

When you’re starting a new habit, method, procedure, etc… you may find that you need to tweak it to get better results. You know you better than others know you. While you definitely need to be willing to learn and grow as a person, that doesn’t mean blindly following every single thing you’re taught.

In May I decided to use an Atkins-style diet again for the first time in a long time. I knew I had to do things differently this time as I had gout a little over four years ago. I suspected it could be controlled without drugs, but the jury is still out.

Now I’ve lost 20 pounds in about five weeks, but the other day I started to get that familiar, painful feeling in my foot. At first I thought it was just my flat-footedness kicking in because I was dancing more when using SuperBetter.com. [I highly recommend SuperBetter if you want to reach goals and grow personally. You don’t have to be recovering from an injury to use it. I’m on level 14 and have already created one new customer in my business since starting with the site.]

Instead of doing the high protein-low carb-meat heavy diet straight up, I decided to see if I could switch into a less meaty version over time and get good results. What did I do differently this time?

First, I am drinking almost zero Coke Zero. (I have messed up once or twice.) No matter what your opinion is about the ingredients there is one thing you can’t deny. This beverage helps push water out of your body. That’s not good. You need to drink plenty of water anyway and this doesn’t help. So I won’t bother talking about the ingredients today. Whether you like it or not, you need to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water each day. If I weigh 280 pounds, I need to drink at least 140 ounces of water a day. Drinking Coke Zero means I need to drink more water to make up for it. By the way, that goes for coffee, too. If you must drink coffee, you need to drink even more water to make up for it.

Second, I’m using SuperBetter.com. I know I’m drinking more water, eating a little less and doing other things I want and need to do because of Jane McGonigal’s site. SuperBetter is the gamification of personal growth and injury recovery. That’s the most concise way I can describe it. I’ve been a fan of Jane McGonigal’s for years on TED.com and was surprised to find out she had created SuperBetter after she got injured. Over a year ago I was talking about creating something like this someday and a couple months ago I found out that she’s done it! Watch her video and find out more. Watch Jane Talk About The SuperBetter Game!

Third, I’ve added plain coconut milk from Trader Joe’s to my diet. An entire half gallon contains only 8 carbs. I’ve found that it helps me curb my appetite as well. Is it yummy? No. I tell people that it tastes like creamy, very incredibly low fat milk IF it were created by a computer like on Star Trek. Not much taste. Yet it works. If you want to lose weight, it’s a great helper. I actually prefer it to 1% milk.

Fourth, I’ve exercised some. Not a lot. About once a week so far (not counting a few little bouts of dancing in SuperBetter), but I’ll do better in the future. I prefer swimming and I’ve done 176 lengths total of the pool at L.A. Fitness. My wife and I have already talked about going back today after my phone meeting.

Fifth, but maybe most important, I have been using incredibly well manufactured vitamins and minerals. Most people don’t realize that IF they are taking supplements they are probably using something that is not effective, hardly effective or even harmful. That’s why a recent study concluded that taking vitamins is not helpful. This is true if you are taking the wrong ones! Talk to me about getting these truly good for you AND EFFECTIVE supplements.

Sixth, I have also been using a special snack bar before I workout that helps you burn fat faster AND a protein shake after the workout to add muscle. These products really work when you use them properly and they taste good! Again, talk to me and we will set up a time to speak on the phone or in person. Use the “Start Creating Your Dream Now!” form on the right. (While you’re at it, tell me about your dream!)

Finally, I am tweaking what I’m doing because of the mild recurrence of gout. I transitioned off the Atkins-style regimen to semi-vegetarian over the last two days and I can see the symptoms of gout becoming milder. If I don’t lose weight as quickly that’s a fair trade-off for not having a full-blown outbreak of gout. If that did happen I’m pretty sure I’d have to go for the drugs the doctors want to give virtually everyone who has gout.

If things go as planned I can go back to a more Atkins-style diet in a couple weeks.

By the way, I make these tweaks because I have some experience in these areas. I am not a doctor and you will want to consult one or more doctors before you change your diet and exercise regimen.

That being said, you know you better than someone else knows you.

When you tweak something you’re taught, keep you in mind!

Be Creative With Negative Events

Less than an hour ago I was at the San Marcos Costco and someone took my parking space before I could back in. I yelled out my window, “Hello! Hello!” and I couldn’t tell if [I’ll call him] Mr. Oblivious even knew that I intended to back in.

A [less than helpful] Costco employee told me that he was backing out. “No, he’s not. He’s reparking to do a better job of taking my space.” I was not a happy camper for a few minutes after I parked further away. I even took note of the man after he got out of the truck as I limped to the entrance on my gouty foot.

What did I want at that point? I thought it would have been nice if the Costco employee simply asked him if he realized that someone else was parking there when he took the space. He didn’t say anything to the customer.

I envisioned a lot of “remedies” [Think the movie “Falling Down”.] and of course I would never actually act them out.

[Really. I wouldn’t.] Though they might be helpful in a science fiction story that I’m thinking up.

When I sat down to write I simply decided to write what was/is on my mind. I didn’t even have a title.

One thing I’ve learned is that it feels good to grow.

You might say that I shouldn’t have gotten upset in the first place. Maybe you’re right.

But I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t cuss anybody out or even confront the guy.

I thought about it and decided to use it as fuel for fiction.

Have you had similar experiences and turned them into something creative or something positive?

Comment or fill out the [Start Creating Your Dream Now!] survey on the right side of Coach Zero and let me know what happened. You can fill out the stuff about your dream if you like, too. Or not.

It does feel good to grow.

Something Real & Fun & Inspiring & We Will Do It Together

Yesterday I watched a little bit of the Tom Cruise/Renee Zellweger movie, Jerry Maguire. There’s a scene where he’s leaving the company he helped build and I found that his words resonate with me and inspire me. The title of this post is a close paraphrase of what Jerry Maguire declared before he and Zellweger’s character left to start an exciting (and risky) new venture together.

Is there something you’ve been putting off?

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to the world, but you’ve never really sat down (or stood up) and simply started?

My friend, Fran Cannon, talks about your “dream drawer” where you’ve put your dream (or dreams) until you think the time is right for you to work on it.

NOW is the time.

Even if you’re wondering how you can move forward on it, NOW is the time!

If you have the slightest belief that you have something you want to do and you haven’t done it yet, I know of a website (and article) for you.

I just found this a couple days ago and finally read the article this morning.

I’m going for it.

Join me!

I want to help you make it happen!

Here’s how to get started:

1) Click on “Coach Zero’s Dream Survey” in the upper right (Start Creating Your Dream Now!) and let me know what you want to do. What is this dream you want to achieve? Give me a way to contact you and soon we’ll be talking about your dream/project over the internet and/or phone!

2) Visit this website & read this article AND subscribe to their email newsletter.
3 Steps To Stop Procrastinating

3) If you have skipped either Step 1 or Step 2, make sure you go back and complete both steps! Then if you want to get started even faster (DO IT NOW!), send me your phone number & email at Facebook.com/BigManWalking or Twitter.com/ACrowdFunder.

Let’s do something real & fun & inspiring – TOGETHER!

There’s More Than One Way To Get Things Done

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day I was pretty busy and I didn’t blog on every day on my schedule. I have thought about blogging ahead of time, saving a draft and then pressing “publish” on that particular day, yet my usual habit has been to blog early in the morning and publish right away.

This morning I’m up earlier than my wife and son and I know they’ll be getting up sometime during the next half hour. A few minutes ago I wasn’t in the mood and feeling a little groggy. It’s too early for me to play music until I get some new headphones. We have a heatwave coming this week and we’ve been sleeping with most windows open. So I was sitting in the coolness hearing all the birds chirp (we don’t need a rooster!) and I decided to close my eyes and listen to the birds.

An interesting thing happened when I did. I could hear about half a dozen distinct birds. I heard a particularly loud one stop completely at some point. Soon another one stopped. Then I realized that there weren’t dozens of birds as I had previously thought.

Unlike some people I happen to enjoy the sound of the birds singing – even early in the morning. I like bits of nature in my suburbia. (I love trees, too.) After I took a few minutes to close my eyes and listen to nature I found myself ready to write. As my late “poor country boy from Illinois” dad used to say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

About a week ago I wrote about another method for getting started in my Jumpstart post. Whatever the task, you will want to be ready with different methods of getting started so that you waste less time and get things done even when conditions are not optimal. Blogging last Friday and reblogging on Saturday was not critical for CoachZero, but it’s important to create consistent habits to get done what you want to get done.

Even as I type this post my son gave me word from my wife to get something started on the stove and soon my wife and the dog were up while our son showered. In about 40 minutes I’ll need to take my wife to school. I find that it’s easier to continue typing when the rest of the family gets up than it is to start writing from scratch. You are reading a completed project, yet I am interacting with my wife who’s telling me about a pain, our son who’s relaying the story of a woman who was saved from a tsunami by her dog insisting that they go for a walk in a different direction, and our dog wanting to go out and then come back in.

You likely have other methods than closing your eyes for a few minutes in order to get focused and get started or keep yourself on track. Use what works for you. Consistently.

While it’s literally true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s also true that consistency helps you hone the skills to continue through interruptions. Life will interrupt all the time and we still need to get done what we need to get done. Now it’s time for me to get dressed and take my wife to school.