Update on Opposing the Nuclear Waste Dump in Canada

Care About Nuclear Waste? Live Near Here?

I just wanted to provide the latest update on opposition to the nuclear waste dump in Canada. I met with the man who is displaying the sign on M-25. Rick provided a lot of valuable information about what has been happening so far. Kevin Kamps spoke in June about the dangers of putting nuclear waste within 1 mile of the shore of Lake Huron. After talking with him, I want to try to have several community meetings throughout Saint Clair County to inform and organize people. The first will be on Wednesday, August 12th at the Saint Clair public library at 7:00 p.m. There will be other meetings at the surrounding communities as soon as we can organize them. Besides starting to organize community residents, the goal will be to help promote a big rally in Port Huron. Valerie Daggett and Jeremy Whitmore have been organizing Protect the Great…

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