What About My Weight?

High Protein - Low Carb Cooking - The Hard Way!

High Protein – Low Carb Cooking – The Hard Way!

Thank you to those of you who sponsored my weight loss when the San Dieguito Heritage Museum crowdfunded through RocketHub a couple months ago. My progress has been slower than I expected, but I am down from 299.5 pounds. Just today I weighed myself on the same scale at L.A. Fitness and I’ve dropped 8 pounds in a little under 4 months.

As soon as I finish this post I’ll be getting ready for our trip to Michigan (via Chicago) and Canada. My hope is to maintain my weight during these two weeks and the five days immediately after at San Diego Comic-Con. What will I do differently? This morning I started back with Classical Stretch, which anyone can record from KPBS very early in the morning. I find it challenging enough that today I did only 10 minutes, but I’ll do more tomorrow and when I return from vacation. Hopefully I will memorize some of it so I can take it with me.

In addition to the stretching I’ll definitely be walking more when we’re in Canada and look to bring that habit back home with me. I’m doing the Atkins Diet in a much more careful way than I used to do before I got gout several years ago.

What’s the most important thing about Atkins in my opinion? Absolutely no cheating. Your body goes into ketosis (look it up) within a couple days if you’re doing it right and if you have too many carbohydrates you drop out of ketosis and lose the benefits. Worse than not dropping those pounds are the detrimental effects of meat, butter, cream and whatever else you can get away with on Atkins when you’re actually in ketosis. (If you’re skeptical, do the research.)

What I have found is that by NOT going overboard with meat (especially beef, pork or shellfish) and eating more vegetables and salad, I feel better and usually more full. I have found that if you eat a lot of animal protein and few vegetables, you may feel hungry an hour later even though you had 14 ounces of ribeye. My own experience tells me that I simply feel better when I’m eating more fresh vegetables. If you really pay attention to your body, you’ll likely feel better when you eat more vegetables.

If you’re used to reading San Dieguito Heritage Voices you may remember that blog is written by supporters of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum. This blog, Coach Zero, is my personal blog. Look for future updates about my (Drop Those Pounds!) adventure at CoachZero.com.

Now I want to thank all those who supported my weight loss efforts and/or celebrated my birthday through the San Dieguito Heritage Museum’s Main Street crowdfunding project earlier this year. (Click the link in the first paragraph or visit RocketHub.com and search “San Dieguito Heritage Museum” to find out more.) Here’s A Big THANK YOU! to all those listed in chronological order below:

Linda McCardle
Roger Bolus
Evelyn Weidner
Mary Witesman
Vance McClure
John Weidner
Betsy Weidner
Carol Koch
Kraig Archer
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