No Foolin’

There’s Still Time!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

We made it to $2500 and beyond!

[ VERY COOL! Let’s take a moment to rest on our laurels. Okay…moment’s over. 🙂 ]

April Fool’s Day is over. So there’s no way anyone can think what I’m about to say is a prank, right?

We’re not done with crowdfunding. I know we reached our original goal and right now we’re at about 108% of that goal according to RocketHub. (They round up more often than I do. I’d call it 107%.)

As I write this we have 9 days and about 12 hours left to reach a stretch goal. I believe we can make it to 125% of our goal. Maybe 150%.

Why? Is it because it’s good to have goals? Do I enjoy “moving the goalpost”? Is it because we should strive to challenge ourselves?

There’s a tiny bit of all three of those ideas in what I’m proposing.

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