Inevitable Dips

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San Dieguito Heritage Voices

If you were to look at a snapshot of the financial activity during this first crowdfunding effort of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum you would see what could look like nothing happening at this precise moment.

That judgement would be badly mistaken.

The activities we are engaged in can be accurately described as a system with (built in) delays or (inevitable) dips. I’ve send out one crowdfunding email to a group of people and some of those people have responded to that email by visiting our crowdfunding site.

Some of those visitors to our crowdfunding site have chosen to enroll in what we are doing and some have not. Some will likely look at an email (and follow the crowdfunding link) AFTER someone calls them to remind them!

A percentage of those who have supported us financially (and maybe some who didn’t) are urging their friends to take a…

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