What’s This All About?

Is This To The Point Enough For You? 😉

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

Earlier this week someone asked me what I was asking them to do.

Here You Go!

1) Click this link: http://rockethub.com/54239

2) Choose to support SDHM financially from $5 to $750 through RocketHub AFTER you watch a video or two or three. I highly recommend exploring our RocketHub site!

(You can even choose to customize your amount when you click on the red “FUND THIS PROJECT” bar on the site. One person chose to customize their amount at $7, another person did so for $50 and someone else customized their amount to $300. Your choice!)

3) Share the link in #1 above with friends or share our blog – http://sdhvoices.wordpress.com – with people you know.

AND NOW…for what I believe you’ll agree is…


We have 22 days and several hours to go in our campaign and our total raised is OVER TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Here’s the link…

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First Wave…….Second Wave

Follow our example and learn about how YOU can crowdfund!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

Thank you to our newest crowdfunding supporters!

Within an hour or so of reading my previous post, a couple who have volunteered at the San Dieguito Heritage Museum for years jumped on the tail end of that FIRST WAVE of supporters last week.

Then, last night the SECOND WAVE started!

We are now at $739! That means we are 30% of the way to reaching our goal of $2500 for the Main Street Project.

~Thank you~

Fred & Jean Bruns
Vance McClure
Betsy Weidner
John Weidner
Robert Weidner

There are now a total of 11 crowdfunding supporters for our Main Street Project.


Visit RocketHub.com and search San Dieguito Heritage Museum to become supporter number 12, 13, 14, 15 and so on up to (?) or


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Inevitable Dips

This Is One Of Our Most Visited Posts! Join Our Quest!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

If you were to look at a snapshot of the financial activity during this first crowdfunding effort of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum you would see what could look like nothing happening at this precise moment.

That judgement would be badly mistaken.

The activities we are engaged in can be accurately described as a system with (built in) delays or (inevitable) dips. I’ve send out one crowdfunding email to a group of people and some of those people have responded to that email by visiting our RocketHub.com crowdfunding site.

Some of those visitors to our crowdfunding site have chosen to enroll in what we are doing and some have not. Some will likely look at an email (and follow the crowdfunding link) AFTER someone calls them to remind them!

A percentage of those who have supported us financially (and maybe some who didn’t) are urging their friends to take a…

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