Time To Get Started!

How many of you are putting off starting something in 2015? The time to get started is now!

Just before Christmas I got sick and I was sick through Christmas and then still not feeling 100% through the first couple days of 2015. Then our puppy started robbing me of sleep again and so with other things I absolutely HAD to do I just kept putting off writing. Now I’m back.

Getting started starts with a decision. It’s still dark out as I write this in the early morning. I’m tired as I’m still not getting enough sleep. Yet I CHOSE to get back to blogging.

Are there things you’re putting off? CHOOSE to get started.

If you’re on tsu, are you posting 15 or 20 times a day? If you’re wondering how you do that, take a look at my tsu profile page and scroll down through everything I’ve shared. I might have missed posting 1 day since mid-November. That means that 98% of the time OR MORE I am posting every day. I usually post between 15 and 25 posts a day. Sometimes more or less. All you have to do to get ideas is check out what I’m posting.

Click HERE to visit my tsu profile page. By the way, if you’re not on tsu, you can use the same link to join us.

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010615a 076
010615a 119


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