Why Miss Out On Profit With Social Media?

Imagine if Facebook paid you part of the profits for doing what you are doing on Facebook anyway. One week ago I started playing with a site that seems pretty similar to Facebook. The BIG difference is that they share profits with the users. If you are doing something anyway and you can be paid to do it, why not?

As far as I know this concept is only at the beginning and some people are incredibly skeptical and won’t believe something until it’s long proven. Unfortunately, when a concept is long proven is often the time when it’s not as profitable because the vast majority of people who will be involved are already involved.

This can happen in places like the stock market as well. I remember years ago when Cisco Systems was at a peak and they were having trouble moving the stock price any higher. The thinking by some people was that just about everyone who could buy the stock already owned it. So, what new people or institutions were left who could discover Cisco and buy their stock? If you look at Google Finance you can see that Cisco seems to have peaked way back in 2000. (When you see the graph make sure you click on “All” which is about two inches to the right of the word “Zoom” in the upper left of the graph area. The visual of the peak stock price is like the top of a mountain!)

For those of you who want to get rich quick, this is not the way. I cannot stress enough that you are being paid to do something you’re ALREADY doing. I post just like I do on Facebook. I like. I share. And over time, I expect that pennies will turn into dimes and dimes into dollars. I don’t claim to completely understand it yet, but it was nice to see my first penny pop in there this morning.

I’m sure some people will laugh right now. A penny? Yes. And that looks to me to be just the beginning. I didn’t invite a thousand people to join me. I have two people so far who I invited and they followed my link and they are my “children” at the site. And today at the top of the page it shows $0.01 instead of $0.00.

Right now I have 6 friends and 1 follower. I urge you to join me now and get ahead of the vast crowd. How many profiles are there on Facebook? Over a billion? We don’t yet have close to that. And that’s a good thing.

Think about it.

Actually, don’t just think about it.

Join me right now by clicking here.


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