When Every Hour Was Earth Hour In The San Dieguito River Area

Ready For Earth Hour? There’s Plenty Of Time To Prepare!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

Today I got up a little after five and as I start this post it’s still dark out. I’m reminded of my dad getting up before everyone during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. That’s part of MY heritage.

(He used to smoke and he claimed that it didn’t help his cough to live so close to the ocean in Leucadia. Maybe the chemicals he used on the flowers didn’t help and I suspect gluten might have played a role as well. We moved to Valley Center in 1976 and he claimed that it was a little better inland, but I still remember hearing his loud hacking early in the morning before he started his day.)

Another part of my (future?) heritage is Earth Hour. Most people have heard of Earth Day by now, but Earth Hour is one hour that acts as a reminder that Earth Day is coming. I…

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