Save Money On Shopping – Really

A few months ago a friend on Happier told me about this app and I downloaded it to my Samsung phone. I’ve used it a few times and put my link on Facebook and Twitter and a funny thing happened. They changed their rules and now when someone follows your link and signs up they give you five dollars. It’s not life-changing, but it’s real.

When you go shopping at Vons or about 80 other stores in North America you save 25 cents here, 50 cents there, a dollar sometimes and basically I see it as electronic coupons, except you get money back. I guess maybe it’s more accurate to call it electronic rebates, but it’s real money just the same.

I had forgotten about the links I posted and noticed that I now have 3 friends who have joined.

They send you an email when someone follows your link to enroll. I got one last night that said this:

Your friend Deb just joined Ibotta!
Welcome Deb to your team by sending a message or giving them a nudge on the app.

I almost forgot to mention that it’s free.

Join us!

Here’s the link which I shortened through


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