What My Friend Mary Says

Keep writing even if you’re hot and tired!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

Today I’m in Pacific Beach and it’s hot and I’m tired. But what does that have to do with the Lima Bean Faire?

Well, let me dip into my unconscious and follow my nonlinear thoughts and see if I can make the connection by the end of this post.

Earlier I was admiring the view from Kate Sessions Park and listening to an interesting story on RadioLab. (If you haven’t ever listened to RadioLab you don’t know what you’re missing.) Because I didn’t bring everything I needed to do what I had intended to do I decided to do other stuff like calling my friend, Mary Carrillo, who lives somewhere south of Pacific Beach.

Aah, here we go…I asked her if she likes lima beans. Mary, who is originally from Baltimore, said that she loves lima beans. I told her about our mutual friend, Fran Cannon, who attended the…

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