The Lima Bean Faire Is In Encinitas Tomorrow!

Tell Your Friends!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

Tomorrow is the big day!

We are truly “coming down to the wire.”

It’s not too late if you want to help set up, but you’ll have to wait until noon on Saturday to get something to eat.

Did you know we’re having a silent auction as well? I understand that there are well over 50 items to bid on. Between the silent auction and the drawing there are a lot of great meals at local restaurants to be snapped up as well as some high quality cosmetics, thriving plants to beautify your home and much more.

There’s also a petting zoo for the kid in all of us and the cook-off competitions. One is for lima beans (of course) and the other competition is for recipes involving all other beans. Check out all the details at

What could keep you away?

I’ve got gout right now [If…

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Reading The Fifth Discipline – Part 2a

First, a little about CoachZero, the blog.

In a way, I started writing again as an act of faith several months ago. I didn’t know exactly what this was going to look like, but I knew that I desired (and continue to desire) to help people like you grow in ways that can enhance your lives, careers and the lives of those around you who are willing to grow. While doing that I want to show you how to work toward realizing your aspirations as you continue to hold them in creative tension with your current reality/situation.

I saw this first period of CoachZero as a sort of cross between a preamble and a shakedown cruise. That creative freedom is what helped me come to where I am at this moment. Mostly I’ve been reading three things this year: Harry Turtledove fiction, Syd Field’s screenwriting books and more recently, Senge’s The Fifth Discipline. That mix has helped move me to where I am. You’ll likely find that a different combination opens you up creatively, although I highly recommend those three authors.

Regardless of what you think of the creative collage (including the spaces!) you’ve seen here previously, the blog (or the rest or the test) begins now.

(You may skip over the creative interlude below if it interrupts your flow. I have found that having impactful video and audio helps me remember and I really find the phrase, “The test begins now” quite memorable from “Fight Test” by The Flaming Lips. I encourage you to listen to the song at least once and listen to that phrase at least twice.)

I’ll leave you with this to chew on from The Fifth Discipline.

“Companies who take profit as their purpose are like people who think life is about breathing. They’re missing something.”

I say that the same goes for people and organizations.

Join me again in Part 2b where I may or may not make a joke about 2b or not 2b.

Save Money On Shopping – Really

A few months ago a friend on Happier told me about this app and I downloaded it to my Samsung phone. I’ve used it a few times and put my link on Facebook and Twitter and a funny thing happened. They changed their rules and now when someone follows your link and signs up they give you five dollars. It’s not life-changing, but it’s real.

When you go shopping at Vons or about 80 other stores in North America you save 25 cents here, 50 cents there, a dollar sometimes and basically I see it as electronic coupons, except you get money back. I guess maybe it’s more accurate to call it electronic rebates, but it’s real money just the same.

I had forgotten about the links I posted and noticed that I now have 3 friends who have joined.

They send you an email when someone follows your link to enroll. I got one last night that said this:

Your friend Deb just joined Ibotta!
Welcome Deb to your team by sending a message or giving them a nudge on the app.

I almost forgot to mention that it’s free.

Join us!

Here’s the link which I shortened through

What My Friend Mary Says

Keep writing even if you’re hot and tired!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

Today I’m in Pacific Beach and it’s hot and I’m tired. But what does that have to do with the Lima Bean Faire?

Well, let me dip into my unconscious and follow my nonlinear thoughts and see if I can make the connection by the end of this post.

Earlier I was admiring the view from Kate Sessions Park and listening to an interesting story on RadioLab. (If you haven’t ever listened to RadioLab you don’t know what you’re missing.) Because I didn’t bring everything I needed to do what I had intended to do I decided to do other stuff like calling my friend, Mary Carrillo, who lives somewhere south of Pacific Beach.

Aah, here we go…I asked her if she likes lima beans. Mary, who is originally from Baltimore, said that she loves lima beans. I told her about our mutual friend, Fran Cannon, who attended the…

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Help Us Help You Help Our Cause Or How You Can Help Right Now (Part 2)

The Horses Are At The Gate!

San Dieguito Heritage Voices

If I were to compare the Lima Bean Faire on September 27th and the preparations for it to a horserace I would say that today we are either at the far turn or the top of the stretch and starting our run for the finish line. In baseball we might be in the 7th inning stretch or maybe the 8th inning and in football we would be at the start of the 4th quarter. You get the idea. It’s not quite the last minute, but you can “see” the last minute from where we are.

That means there is still time to help. Click HERE to read How You Can Help Right Now (Part 1).

The rest of this post is mostly aimed at the decision makers in businesses and organizations.

First, thank you if you have already given help or have helped the San Dieguito Heritage Museum in the…

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