Be Creative With Negative Events

Less than an hour ago I was at the San Marcos Costco and someone took my parking space before I could back in. I yelled out my window, “Hello! Hello!” and I couldn’t tell if [I’ll call him] Mr. Oblivious even knew that I intended to back in.

A [less than helpful] Costco employee told me that he was backing out. “No, he’s not. He’s reparking to do a better job of taking my space.” I was not a happy camper for a few minutes after I parked further away. I even took note of the man after he got out of the truck as I limped to the entrance on my gouty foot.

What did I want at that point? I thought it would have been nice if the Costco employee simply asked him if he realized that someone else was parking there when he took the space. He didn’t say anything to the customer.

I envisioned a lot of “remedies” [Think the movie “Falling Down”.] and of course I would never actually act them out.

[Really. I wouldn’t.] Though they might be helpful in a science fiction story that I’m thinking up.

When I sat down to write I simply decided to write what was/is on my mind. I didn’t even have a title.

One thing I’ve learned is that it feels good to grow.

You might say that I shouldn’t have gotten upset in the first place. Maybe you’re right.

But I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t cuss anybody out or even confront the guy.

I thought about it and decided to use it as fuel for fiction.

Have you had similar experiences and turned them into something creative or something positive?

Comment or fill out the [Start Creating Your Dream Now!] survey on the right side of Coach Zero and let me know what happened. You can fill out the stuff about your dream if you like, too. Or not.

It does feel good to grow.


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