We’re Human Beings First

Lots of people want to narrow everything down with a website or a brand or a group and I’m sure I will as I progress, yet I believe we need to always remember that we have “being human” in common.

No one you encounter is from The Crab Nebula.

There are no invading reptilians that refer to themselves as The Race. There are no Martians, Kzin, Kryptonians, Gorns, Hortas, Bajorans, Shelliak, Klingons, Minbari, Scarrans, Sebaceans, Stykera, Delvians, Vogons, Reavers, Mondoshawans, Mangolores or even Targaryeans here. There is no Fifth Element – no Leeloo. *Sigh* (There are also no Vulcans or Romulans which means, sadly, no Vulcan or Romulan women.)

We’re all Homo sapiens from Earth.

We separate ourselves into groups for different purposes, but there is definitely one purpose we should avoid:

Believing that our group of humans is above another group of humans.

Just don’t do it.

Give the title of this post some of your “mindshare”.

Always. Always. Always. Remember.

We’re human beings first.


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